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What is the EBB Marketplace?

It is a place where you can get content for your website or projects, and a place where you can view educational materials.
You can also post your own content at no cost to you.
The marketplace operates on a points system, so you can exchange points for content. Some items cost
no points while other items can cost several thousand points. You can either purchase points to download and view content, or
you can earn points by posting your own content, viewing advertisements in the EBB dashboard, and just logging into your account,
so it's possible to unlock all of the content for free, and even obtain an upgraded membership in EBB for your efforts.
If you are a publisher, we will reward you daily bonus points for any traffic your content gets, so the more content you post,
the more traffic you generate, the more the reward. You can then save up your points and use them to upgrade your membership,
sell them in the points exchange, or unlock other content.

Who sets the points cost for each item?

Each member can set the points cost for their own items. Many items are contributed by other members who are creators or authors.

Do I have to pay for points?

No. You can always earn points in the EBB dashboard by viewing ads and websites submitted by
other members. You can also earn points by charging points for content you post in the marketplace,
and earn bonus points for the traffic you generate from content you publish.

What if I just want to unlock some items, can I buy points?

Yes, points packs are available for sale and start at just $2 for a pack of 2,000 points. If you
need more points, just purchase another pack.

Why should I post my PLR, stock photos, royalty free images, website graphics, and/or articles to the EBB Marketplace?

The EBB marketplace is designed for maximum exposure to organic traffic and is featured on our homepage.
We are adding more content to our marketplace almost daily, and, as we grow, so will traffic to your posts.
Each post you make in our marketplace is all about YOU. It is your bio, your website links, and your banner ads (if you choose
to have any) that get displayed on anything you post. You can also include links in your PLR content and links in your articles
to your products and services. And if that's not enough, anyone who joins EBB from one of your marketplace posts becomes your
referral in our affiliate program. That could translate into an extra income for you!
The real question is, why in the world wouldn't you want to post to our marketplace?

Ok, so how do I post my stuff to the marketplace?

First you have to join EBB by creating a free account. We'll give you 1,000 points to get you going. That 1,000 points
will enable you to post up to two items to the marketplace. Read more here.
Click here to join now for free.